About the Artist


About the Artist



Audra Auclair is a Canadian artist whose work has spanned across many mediums. She has been exhibited both locally, as well as internationally in Australia and America. Although she has achieved a Graphic Design degree, graduating with honours, she instead specializes in exploring the surreal and beautiful female form with her transcendent fusion of fine art and illustration. She is praised for bringing awareness to current issues through a blend of pop art and fantasy. Her youtube videos focus on art, mentality and life with a very honest and calm atmosphere.

For the past four years Audra has been working with her partner, Lopi, on developing an imaginative fantastical world and characters for their upcoming graphic novels, "Chiara" and "Nen". 

In her spare time her favourite things include swimming, hiking, playing video games, travelling, watching anime, eating sushi and hugging her cats.



Contact Me

Contact Me



Although I love receiving mail, I receive a very high volume of emails so I won't be able to respond to all of them. I do my best, with my partner's help, to read them all. If you send an email regarding an order you placed on my store then please include your order number. I am currently not taking any commissions and am unfortunately too busy to do any college/university interviews and private advice/critiques at this time. Thank you.


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Do you do commissions?

I currently do not take commissions, it is very rare that I do given the amount of projects I have on the go. But I will be posting on Patreon, Instagram and Twitter if I do start taking them again.

What supplies do you use?


1. Pentel Brush Pen
This is the water resistant pen I get asked the most about, it’s the one that makes beautiful tapered lines. It costs around $20, when you buy it there are a few refills included (number depends on which pen you get since I think the packaging changed). To buy more refills you will be spending anywhere approximately $12 for 6 refills. The refills don’t last crazy long and the plastic is super wasteful but I have yet to find anything that works as well as this pen. I’ve tried many other brush pens and am looking forward to experimenting with brush and ink in hopes of finding a less wasteful option.

2. SakuraMicron Pen
I use many different versions of this pen as well as the brush pen versions and I like them all. They seem to be water resistant and have a wide selection of colours and sizes for super detailed drawings. Costs around $3.

3. Gellyroll Pen
These pens are basically highly pigmented gel pens. They will “paint” on top of most drawings/paintings. I use the white for adding shine/details. They average around $1.50 per pen or $6.44 for a set, this price was much higher for me at the art store so my prices may be off.

4. Copic Sketch Markers
Copics are amazing, I have a love/hate relationship with them because they are so pricey and a bi high maintenance for me since you need to fork out a lot of money for a pen and then refills. I own 23, most of which are pastel. If you want to buy a butt load of these I’d suggest saving up to buy a full set so that you save money and avoid duplicates.
Sets of 12 = $70
Set of 72 = $457 …<_<
Single markers I think are usually around $8.

5. Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencil
This pencils are easily bendable and erasable plus they come in a variety of colours. I got mine for $0.75 I highly recommend them for everyone!

6. Mechanical Pencil
I sometimes use coloured led in it, you can usually find coloured led at art stores. The prices vary obvs.

7. Kneaded Eraser
This is the only type of eraser an artist should own, it is the bomb-diggity. ‘Nuff said. The prices vary from $0.50 - $13.

8. Van Gogh + Winsor & Newton Watercolours
I find both of these watercolours to be of equal value. I bought a large fold up palette and squeezed the tubes into different compartments. Prices vary depending on sets (too many to list so I suggest googling or checking your local art store.

9. M. Graham & Co. Oil Paints

These are great oil paints at a half decent price. Price ranges from $6.24-$55 depending on size and colour, cadmium colours generally costing more.

10. Bushes, Pencils and Paper
I use so many different ones that it would be insane for me to post them. I suggest experimenting but as always try and find the most sustainable resources that don’t involve harming animals or precious forests (recycled paper pencils or full on lead pencils with a plastic holder are amazing options).

11. M. Graham & Co. Gouache Paints.


Digital Supplies:

♥ Wacom Cintiq 22
♥ Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio) & (sometimes) Photoshop.
♥ Standard brushes that come with Clip Studio Paint.
♥ Epson Perfection V550 Photo Scanner.

Can I use your design as a tattoo?

If my art is available as a print from my online shop or has been available then it is allowed to be tattooed. Aside from that I only suggest to help support the artist of whose art you are using by checking out whether you can donate or purchase some prints to help the artist (this isn’t just for myself but for any art you intend to use, it’s a nice gesture although not necessary). 

Aside from that I have one piece that has become quite popular and that is my black work Sailor Moon design which I created as a tattoo design for myself, therefor I would appreciate if people didn’t steal it to use for themselves. It is completely immoral to steal someone else's tattoo design so if you see any tattoos that I have designed from other people they are NOT allowed to be tattooed.

What's your "day job?" How do you support yourself?
I am a full time artist, illustrator and business owner. In fact, I would say I work the equivalent of about 11 day jobs; Artist, Comic Illustrator, Comic Writer, Administrator, Accountant, Web designer, Marketer, Shipping & Packaging Specialist, Filmmaker and Video editor, and often factory worker!

Other Frequently asked questions can be found here:

These are other frequent and not very frequent questions I get asked. Don't worry, you don't have to sort through them all to email me asking your question. 

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