Are you currently taking commissions?

No, not at the moment. As of the beginning of 2019 I will be focusing on my brand “Oniberri” and my personal pieces. If you are a gallery looking to show some of my work please feel free to send over an email.

Where can I find your work?


I have various locations that I share my work check the links below:

I post my most recent works as well as stories about my art or personal life on my Instagram. I also own a shop called “Oniberri” where I sell various products that I’ve designed. If you'd like to purchase a print of my work you can check out my INPRNT shop by clicking the "Prints" button. I don't post often on YouTube anymore but I do have some older videos on there as well.

Do you do commissions or trades?

I currently do not take commissions or do trades, it is very rare that I do given the amount of projects I have on the go. But I will be posting on Instagram and Twitter if I do start taking them again.

Yes! As long as it isn't a tattoo design that I have made for myself or someone else. If it is artwork you see on a print of mine it is fair game, just be sure to give credit when sharing on social media and always make sure your tattoo artist gives credit as well if they share on social media. Just tag with an @AudraAuclair. I am currently not taking any tattoo commissions.

Can I have your artwork tattooed? Will you design my tattoo?


Where are you based?

I’m currently residing in beautiful Victoria B.C. Canada.

What supplies do you use?


I currently am using the Schmincke Horadam 48 half pan set as my primary set, I love it for the quality and range of colours although it is heavy, bulky and pricey but I could have done well with just the 36 half pan set as the 48 half pan set has some colours such as gold and silver that I simply won't be using. It also seems to lack some greens in my opinion so I will be adding those in and replacing others. I suggest if you want high quality professional watercolours to try Daniel Smith or Schmincke watercolours. That is just personal preference, if you are beginning your art career with watercolours you would be pleased to know that I got very far with student grade (Reeves) watercolours.

I use Holbein gouache, M.Graham & Co. and Holbein Acryla gouache. I use the Holbein paints mainly for backgrounds and as a base in general.

Oil Paints
I use a variety of oil paints, the brands I use are mainly Gamblin and M.Graham & Co. but I also occasionally use Holbein Duo Aqua water soluble oils. 

I use too many to name. I mainly use Kazan fake squirrel hair brushes as well as a few other synthetic brushes for gouache and watercolour. I primarily use more affordable brushes for oils as I tend to go through them quickly.

This varies as I like to experiment but I am a fan of Fluid brand paper and Fabriano. I am currently dipping into trying Arches. I prefer hot press.

I've been using the Travelogue Watercolour Journal by Handbook Co. for a while and I like them for their ability to take watercolour. They don't handle felts well and it is cold press textured paper so it also isn't the greatest for pens or pencils. I have started using a Strathmore Tan Hardcover sketchbook recently and I quite like it for sketching and learning in as opposed to trying to use watercolour.

Other Supplies I Use Often
- Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencil
- Prismacolor Premiere Coloured Pencils
- Pentel Brush Pen
- Sakura Micron Pen
- Uniball White
- Various Pencils (and brands)

- Wacom Cintiq 22
- iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch
- Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio) & (sometimes) Photoshop.
- Standard brushes that come with Clip Studio Paint as well as Kyle's Brushes
- Epson Perfection V550 photo scanner.
- Canon Pixma Pro-100 for prints
- iPad Pro 12.9" with ProCreate and Brushes from DizzyTara and Mateusz Urbanowicz

- Logitech c920 + c922 webcams
- Desk Clamp Mount for Art Webcam
- Neewer Ring light with Manfrotto Arm and Clamp
- Final Cut Pro for YouTube edits

How did you find your style?

I think it is something that takes time and effort. Just like learning how to draw it doesn't come immediately. It can be a slow process that shouldn't be forced. Instead of focusing on style you should worry about your foundation. Worry about drawing poses, facial expressions, bones, muscles, animals, trees, buildings, shading techniques, textures, etc.. Worry about learning all of the fundamentals and eventually with the knowledge you’ve gained your mind will bend your work into it’s own style.


Did you go to art school?

I am primarily self taught. I took a year long course in Graphic Design, but it wasn’t for me. I still graduated with a shining 96% yay! The graduation plaque remains in my closet. I don’t think schooling is necessary but it can be beneficial for learning techniques and to force you to learn if you are lacking the motivation. This is just my opinion and experience, it's good to do some research into other artists to get their opinions as well.

When are you going to get back into YouTube?

I really want to get back into uploading on YouTube but I am focusing on my mental health before returning to the platform. I hope to be well enough to start recording again this year (2019) but we will see what happens.

Silly questions and their answers:

Can you send me a high-res file so I can print it myself?

“Draw this for me please? Thank you!”
Unfortunately I would starve if I did this. Artists have bills and need to eat as well, this is my only job so I can not draw things for people for free. If I get requests like this I will likely not respond due to a saddening amount of this request in the industry.

Will you do some free art for me/my company if I to promote you and give you exposure?

Will you work for hire?