VAPOR Vol.1 (2019)

VAPOR Vol.1 is 40 pages and 8" x 10" in size. It is a compilation of ink paintings created by Audra Auclair for "Inktober 2018". Along with the paintings will be an occasional poem or blurb about the artwork. The inside pages are 100% greyscale. There are a LIMITED number printed so be sure to snag one before they are sold out for good.

This book is currently a pre-order therefor it will take longer than usual to receive as it has yet to be printed. I will be taking pre-orders for two weeks before sending it to the printer. This book is estimated to ship in January-February.

Outer Cover Preview.jpg

FRAGMENTS Vol.1 (2018)

FRAGMENTS Vol.1 is 112 pages and 8” x 8”. It’s a collection of Audra’s sketches, studies and miscellaneous work created from 2013-2017. The mediums include pencil, ink, gouache, watercolour and digital format.

This is the 2nd print run of this book. Compared to the first run this 2nd run has thicker gloss inner pages which drastically improved the colour of the artwork. The art has been enlarged to fit the entire page when possible. Many pages have been added that include new art and some of the additional pages are due to increasing the size of the artwork.

Masayume - Japan Sketchbook Zine (2016)

Masayume was a limited zine. It was a compilation of sketches, stamps, photos and written bits from Audra's trip to Japan in 2016.