New Print Available from Rhino Barking Sparrow!

Prints are finally available of my painting "Rue", they are limited to this weekend only from January 19th-21st (2018), sales end at 9pm PST. This is the only time this will ever be available as a print. If you are interested click here to have one for yourself.

Rue Small.jpg

I'm happy to see her finally become a print. I spent a few months working on her on and off. She represents my journey with depression and struggling to find the right path. I feel like she was a good therapy painting for me through that process. The birds are bad thoughts and fears disguised as cormorants. They lead the the girl down the wrong paths with promise of better mental being. I wanted to show a range of colour to express that not everything is bad, as will most of my paintings about depression and mental health I often add a lot of colour and beauty because even though it can't be seen by the person who is struggling, beauty and happiness is still present. 

I have also made some new pins with Rhino Barking Sparrow. We've sold out of our first 100 in the first day or two but we will be making more that will be available in February 2018 so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram or Twitter for updates if you are wanting to grab one up in the next run!