Audra Auclair is a Canadian artist whose work has spanned across many mediums. She has been exhibited both locally, as well as internationally in Australia and America. Although she has achieved a Graphic Design degree, graduating with honours, she instead specializes in exploring the surreal and beautiful female form with her transcendent fusion of fine art and illustration. She is praised for bringing awareness to current issues through a blend of pop art and fantasy. In he spare time she livestreams her art process on Twitch and also makes YouTube videos that focus on art, mentality and life, with a very honest and calm atmosphere.

For the past four years Audra has been working with her partner, Lopi, on developing an imaginative fantastical world and characters for their upcoming graphic novels, Chiara and Nen. 

Upcoming Shows:
2018 - Feb.24-Mar.31 for Vanitas/Nightmares & Lullabies @ Haven Gallery - Northport, USA
2018 - Apr.6-27 for MicroVisions @ WOWxWOW - Online Exhibition

Previous Shows:
2017 - Muses of Mount Helikon V @ Helikon Gallery
2017 - 13th Hour @ Last Rites Gallery
2017 - Miyazaki-An Art Show Tribute @ Spoke Art Gallery - New York City, USA
2017 - Mermaids and Mermen @ QPop Art Gallery - Los Angeles , USA
2017 - Forbidden Thinking @ Last Rites Gallery - New York City, USA
2015 - 50x50 @ Auguste Clowne Gallery - Melbourne, Australia (Closed)